What is that apparatus?

About my last blog post a faithful reader writes asking: “What is that apparatus behind the lady containing all those bags?”

I circled in red what he is talking about in yesterday’s photo.
Atenas, Costa Rica

And zoomed in on it for a closer look.
It is something every house is suppose to have,
cesto de basura or trash basket like your garbage can in the states.
You put your trash bags in here for pickup and they only pick up bags.
Anything not in a bag will be left, even boxes!
Atenas, Costa Rica

Here is my trash basket along the street by our gate. 3 houses in our compound use it.
 Size and color is up to you, but metal required and off the ground to avoid dogs, iguanas, etc.
And everything must be in a bag to be picked up!
There is a recycling center here, but without a car, not accessible or used much.
Atenas, Costa Rica

“Cleanliness is next to godliness.”
~ My grandmother

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Trash Pickup

Step 1: Everyone has a metal basket in front of his house or compound.
This is the one for our compound, 3 homes.

Step 2: Twice a week we put bags of trash in basket. Only bags!
They will not pick up anything not in a bag! I cut up boxes & put in leaf bags.

Step 3: Twice a week in Roca Verde, thrice a week downtown, trucks pick up.
We have a bigger truck than this usually in Roca Verde. Still contract workers.