Healthcare Tour of Costa Rica

Wednesday & Thursday nights at Adventure Inn in San Jose
A small family-owned, non-chain hotel with good prices!
Adventure Inn San Jose

Because the tour starts at 7:30 in the morning from this hotel, I came the night before like probably most of the participants. Walter’s Tours and Taxis in Atenas takes me for visa renewals usually and so I used his services to get to this hotel today. Door to door friendly and efficient service at a reasonable price and I did not have to fight the San Jose traffic! Saturday morning they will pick me up in San Ramon where the tour finishes. To save money I may use the public bus in future but it seemed more of a hassle with a suitcase and changing buses in San Jose. Kind of nice to be chauffeured!

The tour that starts in the morning (I’m writing Wednesday night) is sponsored by Paul & Gloria Yeatman who do the blog/website/newsletter titled Retire for Less in Costa Rica. One of their posts tells about Healthcare in Costa Rica and this tour description.

Tomorrow night I will report on the first day of the tour, all in San Jose. So keep reading. I expect most of the participants to be people from the States and Canada who are considering retirement here. The Yeatman’s do this in conjunction with another guy who does a relocation tour of Costa Rica, different from the one I took. More about it later too. Tonight I rest, eat in hotel restaurant, do some computer work and play and read. It is fun to be away from home even when you live in a paradise! 🙂

A quote from the founder of my former clinic in Nashville
where caring people still struggle with the
broken American system.
It is good to now live in a country where healthcare and education are
more important than wealth and military. It makes a difference!