“3 Little Things”

Yesterday morning as I started to walk to town it was raining, thus I took a taxi. So I had to walk back from town since that is my only exercise here! With only a tiny sprinkle occasionally, I enjoyed these wet “3 little things” along the way and here are my shots of one day’s “eye candy” in little Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Wet Passion Flower in someone’s yard
Nasty Storm Sewer Waterfall along the way – But sort of pretty!   🙂
Central Park Progress? They keep welding more pieces to the future band shell. But now the rainy season will slow progress even more. In the meantime my landlord has nearly completed a whole house! 🙂   Our government at work! Slowly!    🙂 








Passion Flowers

Red Passionflower
On a vine covering a neighbor’s wall, Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica
Note the three stages here, bud, open flower, and spent flower.

Monteverde, Costa Rica
This one is like the ones I used to photograph in Tennessee.

See photos of some of the many varieties of Passionflowers in Costa Rica

I never cease to be amazed at the huge variety of flowers here. Though not the main focus of my photography, you might want to see the few I have photographed in gallery Flora & Forests

Passion flower & Advantages of Walking

Passion Flower, common name in English
Granadilla del monte, common name in Spanish
Passiflora vitifolia (official Latin name)

I’m passing these a lot in my walks around town now. The flower is the reddest of any we have here I think, or at least it seems so to me. It grows on a vine that climbs walls, but only blooms near the ground for some reason. Just one of the little perks of not having a car or bike, I see pretty things on and near the ground!  🙂

“Thoreau is careful to point out that the walking he extols has nothing to do with transportational utility or physical exercise — rather it is a spiritual endeavor undertaken for its own sake.”~Maria Popova