“And now you know…the rest of the story.”

Only people my age remember Paul Harvey and his feature news stories he called “The Rest of the Story.” And just like then, sometimes there is more to a story than what you first read . . . including my stories and blog posts.

On October 9 I had a post titled Progress? (my second time to use that title I realized later.) And the premise both times was that big business is coming into our quaint little farming town, tearing down family houses to build modern, commercial buildings, ruining the character of our little town. Well . . . I deep down know better than to make assumptions like that when I don’t know all the facts, but trying to be idealistic I did it anyway and was wrong.

WHAT I DID WRONG: I posted my photo of the nice new modern office building between two family houses and declared that the house that had been there probably raised several families and now that family thing is gone and made more difficult for the two houses left on either side of the big new modern office building. Much of that I just implied.

MY HAND WAS CALLED: A few days later I received a friendly but firm correction to my story from a lady whose husband was in the second generation of children to grow up in that house they just tore down to build an office building for the business she and her husband started when they were married. She explained that the house was old and riddled with termites and was going to have to be torn down anyway, plus (as I did say in my story) that whole street is rapidly becoming commercial anyway. She went on to say that if the grandparents were still living they would be very pleased with what their grandchildren decided to do with the old house they had built and keep the property in the family.

After I apologized, she gave another very kind response to my response. But the best way to see is read the comments at the end of the post Progress?

Me and my big mouth! Maybe I will be more careful in the future, at least for awhile! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

House Tour – Inside Today!

Dining Room & Kitchen with my new pot plant on right.
Looking out towards balcony from kitchen. Living Room left, dining right.
Living Room with my Strangler Fig Tree out the window.
And my new indoor plant at left. (She had an artificial plant there.)
Guest Room Bed is a couch until you get here! Living room couch also a bed!
This one is my office couch most of the time.

This office/guest room came with a desk and chair!
I added printer table and have an extra desk chair for sale!
(The one I bought while at apartments.)

My bedroom without her pretty comforter on bed. I don’t care for her orange accent
and plan to replace that lamp with a bronze one I saw at the hardware store today,
maybe this week. I’m pretty quickly making it my home in every way. Sleep well!
Ceiling fans are in here, office/guest room, and living room. A/C is not needed.
Remember, Atenas has the best climate in the world says National Geographic.
I leave all windows open around the clock, including the sliding glass door.
That way I get breeze from all directions and a wide overhang roof keeps rain out.

One bath is plenty even with the rare overnight guest.
I have plenty of storage, big shower & like brown trim.
Entrance Plaza to Entrance Hall at end of my driveway parking space.
Fall color oil painting isn’t very Costa Rica like or tropical, but beautiful!
I may not replace it. Everything doesn’t have to be tropical or Latin American!

Laundry Room off the kitchen
The electric dryer was almost reason enough to move!
And this is an American brand with English on dials!
It was fun hanging clothes out, but its rainy season now.
Had I stayed in apartment, I would have purchased a dryer.
“La Terraza o El Balcón”  in Spanish and Latin Culture, Patio/Deck or Balcony
I’m sure I’ve already said that this is my favorite room! I eat most meals here and
do a lot of reading out here. I’m more than halfway through Lord of the Rings!

Yesterday’s post was “House Tour – Outside” in case you missed it!

This is where I enjoy retirement! Pura Vida! in Atenas, Costa Rica!

Mi Oficina

I often debate myself about using Spanish in this blog, but as I use it more daily I will probably include more here just for “color” if no other reason. You probably know that the above title “Mi Oficina” is Spanish for “My Office.” Though I have already pointed to a gallery with photos of my apartment, I am now adding to that gallery and will start featuring one room every few days with multiple photos, since I figure most of you don’t want to go to a gallery. So first off is my office which doubles as a guest room.

Desk Converts to Bed
That fold-out desk folds back up against the mirror. Then the entire beautiful wood panel folds down to the floor and makes into a queen size bed with mattress all hiding behind that wall. The depth is the same as the closet which is next to the bed/desk. Pretty cool, especially for someone who will not really have that many overnight guests. And if there is a third person, the living room couch is a wonderfully comfortable twin bed, though not made for sheets to fit well.

Printer on left on my cardboard box table, laptop on desk & supplies in closet.
Because window is open more than a/c on, and it is dry season with wind,
dust blows in the window. Thus $8 twin-bed sheet set provides table cloth
for cardboard box table AND the cover for printer when not being used. The
matching pillow case provides a dust cover for computer when not in use.
Since front faces west, blinds are closed in afternoons and some hot days
when working in office in afternoon I use the air conditioner for that room.
The louvered door on right with calendar is one of two closet doors in room.

There is a large air conditioner in the living room/dining room and a smaller one in each bedroom which this office is one. Because I often use the office in the hot afternoon, this a/c is used the most. But my first electric bill was only $22 and others have said theirs is often around $30 which is not bad. I never need a/c at night, sleeping with windows open under a heavy comforter. The great weather here helps save on electricity! The dry season dust is something I got used to in The Gambia which was much worse with sand storms blowing in sand there. I’m in a green neighborhood and 200 meters off the road, so dust is light, but still happens.