Poas Volcano National Park in Costa Rica Will Open Doors to Visitors Again This Friday, Aug.31

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This is one of the oldest and most visited national parks in Costa Rica and has been greatly missed for nearly a year now after some serious eruptions. Safety is always the first concern and you can be confident that it is safe to visit again now. Some say that it is the best or one of the best volcano parks in the world to visit. It is the only one here where you can look down inside the cone. Plus it is a beautiful cloud forest and nature reserve! I highly recommend seeing it when in Costa Rica and always best early in the morning since clouds often move in to hide the volcano by or before 10:00 AM!

The photo above is one of many made on a trip to Poas in 2015 with Kevin Hunter. See the TRIP Gallery Poas Volcano 2015.

The Central Sierra

The mountain range I watch daily from my balcony includes Grecia, Sarchi, and Poas Volcano. A five-shot panorama.
It is La Cordillera Central or in English, The Central Sierra (a jagged mountain range)


I live in Costa Rica’s Central Valley (link is to a map) though if you visit you would say I live in the mountains. It is kind of both. I’m in the little mountains or hills of the big central valley surrounded by two huge mountain ranges, the big mountains with volcanoes and cloud forests, much higher than Atenas hills.

I chose to live here rather than some of the most beautiful beaches in the world because of the weather (70’s and 80’s year-around in Atenas while beaches are hot and humid year-around), the central location is also for me to eventually visit all the national parks, the closeness to San Jose and some of best hospitals in the world, and more shopping and entertainment possibilities nearby in San Jose and Alajuela. Also, the small town atmosphere and friendliness, laid-back way of life, no car required, just an hour and a half bus ride from a beach is perfect for me. I’m really not “a beach person,” as some here claim to be. I’m more of a “nature person,” if you please, and nature is everywhere in Costa Rica!

Once my nest is comfortably feathered in the central valley, I expect to be all over the country in some of the special nature places. Right now I’m enjoying the nature in my yard and nearby places, learning the language, and adapting to a new culture and government! Takes time! And I really enjoy sharing my experiences in this blog, whether anyone reads it or not! It is one of my creative outlets now. And yes, I’m living a dream! I consider myself one of the most fortunate persons in the world to be here and leave all the old junk of my life back in the states and my dim memories. It is a happy last chapter of a 74 year old living in Costa Rica!