Too Much Seen to Report it All!

Today’s Volcano Mombucho has many more photos but I’m settling for the orchid growing near the top! Yesterday’s boating trip had about 20 different species of birds photographed and I’m settling on just the Limpkin, my first to see or photograph in the wild! Plus one of the monkeys we saw on an island. And at dinner tonight more Holy Week pageantry. Tomorrow after breakfast I leave on my birding tour, so in the rainforests the next 6 days. And MAY NOT HAVE INTERNET MUCH OF THE NEXT WEEK.

Orchid growing wild on Volcan Mombucho
Limpkin camouflaged in tree on Lake Nicaragua
Monkey eating apple on an island in Lake Nicaragua
Tonight’s Semana Santa pageantry in addition to a carnival at the church.
Again with the large volunteer brass band playing and parading with the above through streets.

It’s an awesome place!

Nuestras experiencias más encantadoras son las más breves; es mejor que no sean comunes . . .