International Pizza Party

Urs Entertains with his Harmonica! Jean Pierre on the left. 

One of the couples from Canada organized a pizza party tonight for residents of Hacienda La Jacaranda and 18 came to eat 10 large pizzas delivered from La Finca. Plus drinks and other foods were brought by residents. We got better acquainted,  had fun, and were well fed! We all chipped in to pay for the pizza. We used the “Rancho” or covered patio by the pool with a BBQ grill we will use for the next party.

Urs from Switzerland played his harmonica and there was lots of talking and a birthday party planned for Friday week, Friday the 13th! Gary will grill pork chops with all else potluck. The young Tico couple living here will bring the birthday cake, “something better than Tres Leches Cake.” They both work for Marriotts in opposite directions from Atenas, their halfway point. A Spanish couple (from Spain) who couldn’t make it tonight both work, him with a Spanish construction company building a dam nearby on Rio Tarcoles. Another couple has a two year old and he and his Mom came tonight. There is at least one more younger couple and some others more mature who are still working. The rest of us are retired. Me and an African American lawyer from Chicago are the only ones from the states. The others are from Canada, Spain, Switzerland, and a few I’m not sure about. Quite an interesting gang! At least 4 units are “snowbirds” who will leave in April.

The Pizza is Gone! But the Party Continues!