Tarcoles River Today

Charlie & Mark on Jose’s Crocodile Tour
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Tomorrow I will post some of the many birds and other animal photos made. And I think I will start creating galleries for each trip like this to also link to. Mark from Montana is visiting several towns in Costa Rica like Atenas as possible places for him to come live in retirement. We may have to build a wall around Costa Rica if these crazy Americans don’t stop trying to move in!  🙂   But in the meantime I’ll serve on the Welcoming Committee!   🙂

I’ve created a new section of my photo gallery for trips and this is the first trip to get a gallery, though I may still be working on it  when you get there:  2017-13-April Tarcoles Float Trip

More Tarcoles Pix

Billed as a “Crocodile Tour” but we saw more than 20 species of birds too!
Yeah, that’s me! See, Costa Rica hasn’t changed me much!

I have a photo gallery with at least one photo of each of the 20+ birds and animals photographed in my PBase Gallery. Here are four more of those for the blog readers.

My new friend Barry in the photo op sign at Jose’s Crocodile Tour.
He did one of me in this too! The tour guys get closer than this to crocs.
Belted Kingfisher
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica
Little Blue Heron
Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Maybe some more from Tarcoles tomorrow, or to see now hit this link to my PBase Gallery.

Explanation of trashy, muddy banks of river: it was at low tide. We were near mouth of river where it empties into the Pacific Ocean. This is the same river that my neighbor from Spain is building a dam on, further inland of course. We nature lovers don’t like the dams, but it is one of very few in Costa Rica.

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