15th of September Post 4: CULTURAL COLOR

The local agricultural technical school (largest in Central America) had my fave!
This is the traditional dress from post colonial days with men’s in next photo.
Students of Agriculture come here from all over the Americas, including U.S.
I can see some of the school farms used for SFS, Sustainable Field Service
We help improve agriculture all over the Americas!
Beautifully painted oxcarts are a long time tradition here. Two in the parade.

Riding barefoot is a doubtful tradition, though
maybe early youth did so.

Día de la Mascarada or “Traditional Costa Rican Masquerade” (31 October) originated as an adaption of Spanish Carnival. The local band, una cimarróna, strikes up a beat for the masked characters to dance or walk in a parade or fiesta. The next 5 photos are of the masked characters in this particular parade by a school or organization I did not catch the name of: 

A Fire Truck, Bombero, always leads off in every parade, this time
followed by a group of “Future Firemen of Costa Rica”
 or some similar name in Spanish.

Not sure how 3 younger teens got to skate in the parade,
trying to show off, but none of them exceptionally good!
I guess they see this as future or current culture!?


Surfer at Manuel Antonio Beach

And will the World Surfing Games (link to article in English) be held in Costa Rica in 2016? Only if someone comes up with $1 Million Dollars in next two weeks (see article) and it is doubtful the CR government will spend that much. But, after all guys, Costa Rica came away from this year’s contest with the most gold medals! (link to 2015 tournament page)

It is like the national sport for those who live on the Pacific coast and Jaco is considered one of the best surfing beaches in the world. Not my passion, but very interesting! Here’s a surfer shot I made at Manuel Antonio Beach last year in mild waves.

Pura Vida!   And tomorrow, my last installment of Fotographias de 15 de septiembre desfile: CARAS (FACES) – maybe the best parade post!  🙂

Meeting and Eating

The two day seminar is over, my head is full and maybe spinning, and we went out to eat again tonight. There are some fabulous restaurants here in San Jose and back on the beach. Tonight I had El Chicote Salmon Steak with veggies followed by the best Coconut Flan I’ve ever eaten! Didn’t photograph tonight’s food, but here is one from Jaco. Tomorrow we begin the two-day Central Valley Tour which is probably where I will start out if I do move. The seminar has been brutally honest and I now know how difficult it can be to make the move – meaning the decision is not made yet! We leave at 7:30 in the morning for another full day, so off to bed! (Hoping the guys singing in the bar will finish soon!)  Pura Vida! On Friday night!

A Shrimp Salad
Someone ordered in Jaco Beach.

Our Third Beach Sunset Rained Out

Today was the third and last night on the beach and about thirty minutes ago would have been the time for a beautiful Pacific Coast Sunset and just like the last two nights that was when the downpour started. But you know what, it is rainy season and yet we have has mostly full days of sunshine with either late afternoon or evening rain, so very fortunate for the tour! We visited three more really nice houses today, one near Quepos with an infinity pool and deck overlooking the Pacific, just not what I can afford – see bottom photo. Then at Bejuco Beach we saw two really nice houses in a gated subdivision of 127 lots with 73 houses already built with every amenity possible. Several are for sale at $189,000 up into 5 and 6 hundreds, most with private pools plus the community pool, etc. Again I can’t afford to buy there and probably not rent, though it is closer with a few smaller ones for rent at $800 to $900 a month plus utilities. It is a two hundred meter walk to the empty beach below which is also where the folks are riding horses. We are staying in a nice hotel right on the beach in the quaint Key West like town of Jaco where we also had a gourmet lunch at the marina. And note that last night my connection was slow and I started reducing photos to 800 pixels on long side, but you don’t need to be stealing my photos anyway!  🙂  But ask if you want to use one and I’ll send the larger file. Time for dinner! Adios!

Playa Bejuco with miles of empty beach and it has the
very nice gated community of upscale modern houses.

While at Bejuco Beach some horses came by.

Our very nice hotel is on the beach where I walked today
in this quaint seaside town of Jaco – nice but more touristy
than Bejuco!
This shot is from the deck of a very nice house with infinity pool
overlooking the Pacific, between Quepos and Jaco.