Flamingo Beach, Sunset & Tamarindo Visit

We finally find the good beach in Flamingo Beach!
It is public, 4 times this long, and with very few people!
And no hotels along here!  🙂

The occasional person even has the choice of a tree for shade,
but alas, most are sun worshipers!

And tonight at the end of this same beach we watch the Sunset!
While eating our best meal yet at Coco Loco Seafood Restaurant on the beach
in Flamingo Beach.

And our midday and early afternoon was spent exploring Tamarindo Beach and being taken around by a Realtor to see several possible rental condos for John to consider purchasing. We ended up not looking in Flamingo Beach this time because of the lesser demand and higher prices. He is waiting on some promised data before making a decision. But soon you may be able to rent a vacation condo within walking distance of the beach and lots of restaurants in Tamarindo.

Tomorrow we go to Palo Verde National Park looking for birds! My day!  🙂