Home Business Sign: General Medicine & Dentistry

Home Business Signs: General Medicine & Dentistry
 It appears that husband is dentists & wife the general doctor
 Atenas, Costa Rica

We are still getting the rains from the big Pacific storm that hit the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica around the little town of Uvita where the “Whale’s Tail” beach is located. Here’s an article about the storm with a beautiful photo of the Whale’s Tail beach made on a sunny day. Also article about the weather closing Manuel Antonio National Park. 


My photo of “Whale’s Tail” Beach is not nearly as good during rainy season in May:

Home Business: Corner Grocery

A “Junkier” Corner Grocery (Pulperia)
 than the El Pinguino I showed earlier
Atenas, Costa Rica

Though that is a home to left, I believe the owners live
 behind and to right of store, behind the tree.
Atenas, Costa Rica

Though I occasionally visit or use some of the home businesses, this one has never appealed to me. It just looks too dirty to sell food, though they are sometimes busy! I keep wanting to take them a few gallons of paint to freshen up the place! But continue to just ignore it as I walk by nearly every day.  

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Home Business: Veterinarian

I can’t say for sure that the vet lives in the same house he cares for animals, but it is a house!
And across the street is David & Corinna’s house where they both live & have language classes
as their place of business. In their case, one rent is better than two rents! 🙂

Add-On Business: Phone Minutes

  All you need is one to three little signs telling the public you sell their phone minutes:

Phone company only, with widest call coverage
My cellphone is with kolbi
Atenas, Costa Rica
Cellphone AND  Dish Television
Atenas, Costa Rica

Cellphone AND  Dish Television
Atenas, Costa Rica

Most people in Costa Rica have a cellphone and no landline and most simply add minutes every month or whenever they think they are low. It is theoretically cheaper if you don’t talk too much or download too much data. I was required to do that as a newcomer. Later I switched to a monthly plan with an automatic debit of my bill to my local bank account. The easy or lazy way! And I use a different company for my cable TV and Internet WiFi in my house. They also debit my local bank with the monthly bill which again is a real convenience for me!

But if you have a phone with minutes added as needed you can get them at the grocery store or just about any other shop, even a home business. So easy to get a dollar’s worth of minutes just about anywhere! The two phone companies that also sell dish TV sell the TV plans separate from the phone minutes.

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Home Businesses: Ropa Americano (interesting phenomenon)

Interesting because nearly all of the home businesses AND store fronts advertising “Ropa Americano” or “American Clothing” are selling used clothing that they buy by the kilo from Goodwill Industries in the states. Goodwill simply has too much clothing for the demand in a rich country, so they sell surpluses to entrepreneurs in other countries. We had this same phenomenon in The Gambia also. It meets a real need for more affordable clothing and especially younger people world-wide like to dress like Americans or what they see on TV and in movies. 
And yes, the second photo is a home too. They just took the curtains off the windows in two rooms to give them essentially display windows on a street I regularly walk down to my favorite Supermercado. We have two kinds of clothing store fronts, ones that sell this used clothing and more who sell brand new clothing at much higher prices. The new clothing stores are not all American clothing with lots of Central American manufacturers and even new clothing from the Orient and Europe. 
But Goodwill has helped some women maintain successful home businesses that depend more on word of mouth than signs. 
See more photos of Atenas in several of my photo galleries. 

Home Business Signs: Lawyers

There may be as many lawyers working from home as there are dentists. This is only two of many. FYI in Spanish two words are used for “lawyer” like English interchanges lawyer and attorney. They are abogado and bufete.   And you could guess that notario is a notary public. 
And if interested in Spanish, my Spanish blog today is about Hoy tengo mi nuevo libro.
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Sewing Classes in Her Home – Home Business Signs

Clases Quilting y Costura = Classes In Quilting and Sewing
Confeccion a la Medida = Dressmaking to the Measurements or Tailor Made Dresses

I’m not needing my quilt here, but to some Ticos anything below 20° C which is 68° F is considered cold and we have most nights with that! Plus quilts are works of art! And of course homemade dresses are popular here.

Note of Interest: The Spanish word for quilt is el edredón but in Costa Rica they often prefer to use the English word for things like quilt, sandwich, jeans, and sometimes tennis shoes and more. And more specifically here with the -ing or “quilting” it would be la tela acolchada which would be worse! Easy names are pura vida!

This is a house across from the sports park that I pass nearly every day and just really paid attention to the sign today. Lots of home businesses here! 
You may remember me posting a photo of a little food stand the other day she called a  “Kioskito” or “Little Kiosk. ”  Today I noticed she has changed the name to “Soda de Maria” which is like saying “Maria’s Cafe.” AND she added picnic tables to her front yard which were full of people eating lunch! Even home businesses can make improvements!  🙂  This is a cool community! And sometimes it’s these little things that make it cool! 
And my photo gallery of Home Business Signs – Atenas  No other photo collection like this!  🙂

Welder Working at Home

He is usually out here welding something from a gate to a truck part
and his little sign makes no sense in any language. Home business.
Atenas, Costa Rica

Funny thing is that he usually works out on the dirt foot path and into the street. The city is now building a sidewalk on his side of the street and he had to move some of his junk. But 10 to 1 he will set up his welding on the new sidewalk when finished and we will still have to walk in the street!  🙂