Two Days of Birds

These 19 photos are in addition to the bird photos I posted my first day here and of course there will be more!   🙂

There are lots of birds everywhere here, but finding them close enough to make a photo is sometimes a challenge. My guide this morning helped some since he knows the area and where some birds are often found. That will help me with the rest of my days here as I continue to find and photograph birds on my own plus other wildlife and nature. Enjoy!

Birds Today at Macaw Lodge

And I hope you saw my earlier post of the sunrise on my early morning birding hike today! Beautiful!

“Some people are very competitive in their birding. Maybe they’ll die happy, having seen a thousand species before they die, but I’ll die happy knowing I’ve spent all that quiet time being present.” 
― Lynn Thomson, Birding with Yeats: A Mother’s Memoir

Macaw Lodge

¡Pura Vida!