Poas Volcano Erupting

Official photo

For some of my visitors whom I took to see the closest volcano to Atenas, Poas, you might like to know that it is now erupting and no visitors allowed. It is still not giving us the dust that Turrialba still gives occasionally, but it is an hour+ drive away and is closed as a park and for 5 km around it.

Read more in this Tico Times Article  and see rocks, etc. thrown around the area. We have had no visible effects in Atenas but best to keep our distance for now. A few people living on the northern slopes claim they could see the eruption from their houses.

Video of Eruption 5 days ago on YouTube  (close up view)

Facts About Costa Rica Volcanoes, with some 200 vestiges of volcanoes, only 100 have any kind of activity and today only 2 or 3, Poas, Turrialba, and Arenal significantly, but others could.


this crater at Poas on a safe, clear morning that tourist often see when no clouds cover it:

My photo made in 2015

         . . . and the other Poas crater that is inactive as a Crater Lake:

My photo made in 2015 of the non-active cone or “Crater Lake”
Me in front of Arenal Volcano in 2010 on the Caravan.com Tour


Sweeping Out Yesterdays Volcano Dust

When my morning sweep includes gray dust, I know it erupted! Yesterday!
It is 104 km away or about 65 miles. Wind blows the ash across the valley.
No big deal! A broom does wonders! (Or vacuum for some.)

See the eruption story and video at:

THE GOOD NEWS: Erupting Volcanoes may help slow global warming. Interesting!