At Hogar de Vida Today

On Ruta 135 going north out of Atenas is this B&W Sign pointing to (maybe 500 meters on this road)
Hogar de Vida, Atenas, Costa Rica

I failed to photograph the entrance sign because I’m attracted to the park-like atmosphere inside!
Next time I will include that attractive sign & more of the campus.
Hogar de Vida, Atenas, Costa Rica

One of the children’s’ cottages with a worker hanging out the laundry.
Hogar de Vida, Atenas, Costa Rica

Another children’s cottage on campus.
Hogar de Vida, Atenas, Costa Rica

 Hogar de Vida, Atenas, Costa Rica

Rancho, which is what we call a picnic pavilion or covered dining/meeting patio here.
Hogar de Vida, Atenas, Costa Rica

8:30 AM Prayer Meeting every morning with all children, staff and volunteers.
The table & chairs is for the children’s snack time after devotional. Breakfast is much earlier!
Hogar de Vida, Atenas, Costa Rica
After the prayer meeting or devotional time this morning I spent time with Matt, the director in black shirt in center right of above photo. It was good to get acquainted and learn more about how they love and care for their capacity of 35 children (always full). Most of the children have been abused and legally removed from their parents, some of which are in jail or dead. The kids are babies to younger elementary school children, most of which will be adopted within 6 months to a year, though some are not as fortunate and will stay here longer. Two siblings in today’s group will leave next week to live with their adopted new parents in the country of Italy. Wow! They go all over the world! 
I met two local American retiree men like me volunteering today and I filled out the paperwork to be a volunteer one day a week. I have eliminated some of my other volunteer jobs for now, so this will be my new one and a good preparation for welcoming my friends from Nashville in April who are coming on a “Mission Trip” here to work in the children’s home. So Nashville guys, keep reading the blog as I plan to share something about Hogar de Vida at least one day a week in my posts except for weeks I travel away from Atenas.   🙂
For more about Hogar de Vida, see their Facebook Page. 
Or the Costa Rica portion of their Homes of Life Website.  

Copied from their website:

Our Program

Homes of Life oversees two distinct homes for children: one in Costa Rica and one in Guatemala. The missionary work of each home has its own unique objectives and challenges, but both return abundant blessings to the children who are cared for there, as well as to those who generously support this important ministry.
Many of these children arrive completely destitute, without a family’s care or the basic provisions that so many people in the world take for granted.  Often the victims of abuse or neglect, the children’s needs are met by the patience and hard work of caring men and women at Hogar de Vida y Nutriciónin Guatemala and at Hogar de Vida para Los Niños in Costa Rica, and by the important support of the child sponsorship program.
We invite you to partner with Homes of Life as God’s loving compassion is demonstrated daily. Consider participating in our child sponsorship programs and spread the word about Homes of Life.
Or go to the website for more information.