Ripening Mangoes & Coffee Research

The most eaten fruit in the world!
This tree has red or purple ones, while some are turning yellow or orange.
Shot from my balcony, Hacienda La Jacaranda, Atenas, Costa Rica

One website lists 4 different cultivars of mangoes in Costa Rica:

I believe my photo above is of the Tommy Atkins variety (purple). On the property here (formerly a mango farm) there is at least one other variety or cultivar. It is turning yellow & orange which I think is the Hayden. A lot of the different varieties were developed in Florida, trying to create year around crops. 

This Ojochal blog declares Mango “King of the Fruit World” listing health benefits and describing the 4 cultivars.

Nature’s Pride (a distributor) has lots of recipes and some “How to Prepare” videos

This “Fruit of the Month” article has a couple of mango recipes.

I have been eating a mango a day recently and keep a bottle of mango pulp in the frig for making one of four smoothie-type fruit drinks I have at least one of every day: mango, guanabana, mora (blackberry), and pina (pineapple). The mangoes that fall from the trees are bruised on one side and I cut that side off before eating the rest of it. I can get better ones in the market that aren’t bruised but were picked ripe or near-ripe. There is nothing better than a tree-ripened mango! I said the same thing when I lived in The Gambia.

And by the way – I signed the contract on the rental house Tuesday. Move a week from Thursday, 23 April. The virtual tour of my new house is still on the Realtor’s site for now. It will be taken down eventually.

And for you STARBUCKS COFFEE LOVERS: Starbucks Costa Rica Coffee Research Farm is
supposedly trying to help coffee growers raise disease-resistant coffee plants IF they will sell to Starbucks at ridiculously low prices – American ingenuity or greed? Coffee farmers have to eat too!