Common Melwhite Butterfly

This is just my second time to photograph this species. The last time was in 2020, also in my garden. Like mosts Whites and Yellows, they do not land often or for long to aid in photographing! 🙂 See all my photos in the Common Melwhite GALLERY. Or you might find it interesting see my larger collection of WHITES, YELLOWS & SULPHURS with 23 plus several unidentified that I believe are in this family. Here’s two photos, the less-shown top view and then a side view that is distinctive of this species.

Common Melwhite, Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica
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Common Melwhite?

Or is it another type of White? Yellow? Sulphur? You butterfly enthusiasts, especially in Costa Rica, let me know if you know for sure. It was in my garden in Atenas this morning. The closest match in my Swift Guide is the Common Melwhite (though the yellow-white color placement seems a little different), while the flying photo looks a little bit like the White-angled Sulphur, the yellow is greatly different and it doesn’t have the four brown spots, eliminating that option. For now I’m sticking with Common Melwhite (Melete lycimnia isandra)  (Butterflies of America link). Whew! Butterfly ID is hard sometimes!   🙂


¡Pura Vida!