Sewing Classes in Her Home – Home Business Signs

Clases Quilting y Costura = Classes In Quilting and Sewing
Confeccion a la Medida = Dressmaking to the Measurements or Tailor Made Dresses

I’m not needing my quilt here, but to some Ticos anything below 20° C which is 68° F is considered cold and we have most nights with that! Plus quilts are works of art! And of course homemade dresses are popular here.

Note of Interest: The Spanish word for quilt is el edredón but in Costa Rica they often prefer to use the English word for things like quilt, sandwich, jeans, and sometimes tennis shoes and more. And more specifically here with the -ing or “quilting” it would be la tela acolchada which would be worse! Easy names are pura vida!

This is a house across from the sports park that I pass nearly every day and just really paid attention to the sign today. Lots of home businesses here! 
You may remember me posting a photo of a little food stand the other day she called a  “Kioskito” or “Little Kiosk. ”  Today I noticed she has changed the name to “Soda de Maria” which is like saying “Maria’s Cafe.” AND she added picnic tables to her front yard which were full of people eating lunch! Even home businesses can make improvements!  🙂  This is a cool community! And sometimes it’s these little things that make it cool! 
And my photo gallery of Home Business Signs – Atenas  No other photo collection like this!  🙂