Green Orchid Bee

The Green Orchid Bee or Euglossa dilemma (Wikipedia) is a Central American Bee found only here naturally (and occasionally in my garden) though recently introduced into South Florida (an invasive species there). I like them for their iridiscente green color added to my garden from time to time. I do have a Bees Gallery for more photos of this and other bees here. Just one of the thousands of interesting insects in Costa Rica that I enjoy watching!   🙂   See also my Butterflies and More Insects Galleries for more bugs!

Green Orchid Bee

In my garden, Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica.

¡Pura Vida!


I possibly have more photos of this species of bird from my yard than from any other location, though I have seen them all over Costa Rica. It is a large chicken-sized bird that usually moves in flocks, but this one was solo at breakfast this morning in my Guarumo or Cecropia Tree (Wikipedia article).

When together as a flock they chatter a lot and thus the fun nickname here of “Chachalacas” for a group of people chattering or all talking at the same time.  🙂

There are two types in Costa Rica, this Gray-headed Chachalaca (link to Neotropical Birds site) found only in Central America from Honduras to the beginnings of Columbia, and the rarer Plain Chachalaca found here only in parts of Guanacaste (our Northwest Province) which I am yet to see or photograph.

On the Neotropical Birds site be sure to listen to their calls which is what wakes me some mornings!   🙂   And for more of my photos of this bird, both in my yard and other Costa Rica locations, see my photo gallery Gray-headed Chachalaca.   Another one of my tropical friends here!   🙂

A chattering Good Morning from Atenas, Costa Rica!

¡Pura Vida!


Travel Photos – Central America

“To Travel is to Live”

– Hans Christian Andersen

Granada, Nicaragua

Yes, this blog and my connected Gallery are both much about my travel photos, mostly in my retirement home of Costa Rica with an occasional foray into neighboring countries. But hey!  I lived a life before Costa Rica and the “static pages” (non-blog) of this website and gallery continue to grow as I tell that past story, slowly, one page at a time. And the feature photo is of Sayaxche, Guatemala. 

Pre-Costa Rica Travel

You might remember that in this fairly new Photo Gallery a few months back I added galleries for the photos I have from trips to Africa, Canada & Mexico and the TRAVEL web pages that tie the photos together are on the Africa, Canada  &  Mexico pages, with a narrative of some of my earliest international travel adventures – not far from home, but international nonetheless! And as I soon add pages on my U.S. travels it will complete my NORTH AMERICA section of travel pages, though there are really a lot of travel galleries to make for that!

IMG_3940 -A-WEB
Embera Indigenous Dancers, Panama


Black-throated Trogon
Black-throated Trogon

In the last two weeks I have basically finished this travel page with links to all of my Central America travel galleries included, most in Costa Rica of course!   🙂  That will continue to be the biggest part of my photo gallery.

There are sub-pages for the four countries within which I have traveled in Central America with narrative and links to the photo galleries:

  • Costa Rica   (68 trip galleries and growing!)
  • Guatemala  (3 trip galleries)
  • Nicaragua  (6 trip galleries counting 1-day “Visa Runs.”)
  • Panama  (4 trip galleries)
1st day in Guatemala enroute to and at Ceibal Ruins and Chiminos Island, December 11, 2006
Monkey in Nicaragua

The 2006 11-day trip to Guatemala was one of my biggest adventure yet at the time and it just continues as I travel more here in Costa Rica and Latin America. Then since moving here the side trips to Nicaragua and Panama were both spectacular experiences! As the quotation above says, “To Travel is to Live.” The linked pages above take you to the various trip photo galleries OR if you prefer to just browse galleries, go to Pre-Costa Rica Travels where I intend to continue adding galleries of older trips when not traveling here!  🙂   Next up is South America and the Caribbean Islands trips, then I work on the good ol’ USA!  🙂

Charlie Doggett’s COSTA RICA – Home base of all my galleries

Happy Travels!

¡Feliz viaje!

¡Pura Vida!

Granada, Nicaragua