Wasps at Nest

Last November I did a post on my first “Carton Wasp Nest” in my garden but there were no wasps anywhere around it. Again in December I saw another one in Uvita also with no wasps. The other day, there were a lot of wasps in and out and around my nest here! It is the first time I’ve seen wasps on one. I have no explanation as I know almost nothing about wasps. I just think the shape of this nest is pretty cool!

Carton Wasp Nest with Wasps, Atenas, Costa Rica

And how it looked last November with no wasps around . . .

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Cachicama or Carton Wasp Nest

The other morning after breakfast on my terrace I discovered this wasp nest on a limb of my Cecropia or Guarumo Tree. After a lengthy bit of research on the web I discovered this ID on the “What’s That Bug?” website. It’s a really interesting and well-built nest! I think it might be a type of the more generic “Paper Wasp.” The curls on top are just dead leaves from my Guarumo tree.

Cachicama or Carton Wasp Nest, Atenas, Costa Rica
Cachicama or Carton Wasp Nest, Atenas, Costa Rica

¡Pura Vida!

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