Dolphins & Snorkeling Today

Adult Dolphin
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Watching Dolphins from Snorkeling Boat
Drake Bay, Costa Rica
Then Snorkeling to See Smaller Fish!
At Caño Island, Drake Bay, Costa Rica

It was another nice trip today though we got heavy rain on the way back meaning no picnic lunch on the beach. The snorkle leader decided to take us to the little town of Drake Bay to eat the fruit and sandwich makings he had, so I had them drop me off at our Aguila Inn pier on the way and had a nice chicken salad lunch out of the rain. (And no wet landing of the boat!) Tomorrow I think I will get to do the Mangrove Float Trip for a lot of birds, having found two couples here who are interested. There is a minimum of 4 required to do the tour which is led by Aguila’s guide Carlos who welcomed me with a Boa Constrictor the first day.

The internet is slow still, but I decided to take time to post 3 photos above anyway. It is hard to tell a story with just one! And yesterday’s hike into Corcovado just showed the beach. But I need to give another Aguila guide, Tony, as much attention as I did Carlos with his Boa. So here he is with his “Living Ear Ring!” On the hike he grabbed this lizard and held it up to his ear. The lizard bit it and held on for 30 seconds or longer. Weird but entertaining!

Tony’s “Living Ear Ring”
Aguila de Osa Lodge Hiking Guide
Drake Bay, Costa Ricas

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