New Bird Calendars Started

My shop has always had wall calendars available, mostly with Tennessee and Nashville photos and one old Costa Rica birds calendar from my 2009 trip. Just deleted that one and added two more this week with three more Costa Rica Bird Calendars planned. Here’s the covers and links to the first two:

I think it is cool with hawks, falcons, guans, caracaras and curassows!
You can see each month’s photo by clicking that month description page.

This is the most colorful of all 5 bird calendars with
parrots, toucans, macaws, motmots, trogons, cuckoos, etc.
And here is what the inside or one month of all these calendars looks like, this particular one with a photo of two Scarlet Macaws in a tree. The photos are large, 8.5 X 11 inches and the calendar portion the same with plenty of space to write down appointments. 

Three more bird calendars are planned for “Hummingbirds, Small Birds and Medium-sized Birds” if I can’t think of more creative titles!   🙂

And if you don’t care for birds, there are more calendars with photos from Nashville Zoo, Tennessee State Parks and Nashville in general plus some general landscape calendars, a barns calendar and a Scripture Verses calendar. AND ANY CALENDAR YOU ORDER CAN START IN ANY MONTH YOU CHOOSE, LIKE A MARCH TO FEBRUARY CALENDAR IF YOU LIKE!

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