Another New Butterfly!

And it is not in any of my books nor can I find it online for identification. Shot in living room.

How can anything this distinctive not be in any of the books?
For now, it remains an Unknown beauty!
On my Living Room window screen.
Atenas, Costa Rica
Whether butterfly or moth, this dude is cool looking!
I’m having this image printed to hang in my house here in Atenas, Costa Rica.

My new gallery now has 20 species in it: Costa Rica Butterflies by Charlie Doggett

And by the way, my “Birthday Breakfast” with Anthony at Kay’s Gringo Postres was great with a yummy omelet, biscuits and gravy, and a fabulous piece of Karo Pecan Pie just like Mother made! It is a place to get American food by a Texas couple. And the only place I know with real bacon!