State of the World’s Birds (& My Bird Galleries)

See this fascinating report from titled State of the World’s Birds.


If you love birds, I hope you will also visit my BIRDS Photo Gallery     🙂

And as I very slowly move smaller and older photos from my old PBase galleries I am currently working on all of my Africa travel photos in a different location  (Pre-Costa Rica TRAVELS) within my big SmugMug Gallery and today  I’m working on my Gambia Birds  Sub Gallery, which is interesting for the large variety of birds found there, though most of the photos are of poor quality. I Photographed then on a cheap old film camera without a long lense and later scanned 4×6 prints at too low a resolution affecting the quality more. Though I got half a dozen good bird shots on the 2009 revisit of The Gambia with my better digital camera.  Just another part of my Birds Collection from the past. Later I will try to add what few birds I photographed in the states.

Also with the Africa Travel galleries are these with East African birds:

Eventually I will put copies of all of these birds in my BIRDS Gallery, but everything is done manually and slowly.