Other Wildlife at Caño Negro

And this is it for that day excursion from Arenal Observatory Lodge, having done the birds post yesterday and earlier posts on 3 species of monkeys. Caño Negro is a wildlife-rich place for a 2+ hour boat ride and in our case lunch by the river before returning.

“By discovering nature, you discover yourself. “

~Maxime Lagacé

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¡Pura Vida!

Bats Empty Feeders at Night

Many bats surrounding feeder until my flash goes off!
They are really fast!

Without flash you can see one blurry bat drinking nectar. 

I read somewhere that only long-tongued bats can do this and they are rare, so it is good to feed them. But that means refilling feeder every morning! Other option is to bring feeders in at night and to wipe them with oil of citronella to keep ants and other insects out of them sitting in kitchen sink or in frig. And my third option is to plant more flowers and let them feed off flowers alone. That is sounding better!  🙂  For now, I have decided I will bring in at night. I’m tired of boiling sugar water!  🙂