Historical Sketch of Salem

Historical Sketch of Salem, 1626-1879

By Charles Stuart Osgood, Henry Morrill Batchelder

Pages 171-173 about Brig “Charles Doggett”  copied from Google book:


The brig “Charles Doggett,” owned by Nathaniel L. Rogers & Brothers, and commanded by George Batchelder, was in Kandora, one of the Feejee Islands, in September, 1833, and her crew were curing the beche-ne-mer for the East India market. They were attacked by the natives for the sake of plunder, and five of the crew were killed, including Charles Shipman, the mate. The remainder escaped in the boats, but were all more or less injured. James Magoun, of Salem, who had lived among the islanders for several years, was dangerously wounded. On the way to Manila, the vessel touched at the Pelew Islands, and the crew were again attacked by the natives, and a boy was killed. The vessel reached Salem from Manila in October, 1834.