2 Colorful Marsh Birds . . .

. . . and one with babies or juveniles – The Purple Gallinule and the Northern Jacana. One photo for the email announcement and two of each bird to follow.

Purple Gallinule, Tortuguero NP, Limón, Costa Rica

Click an image to see full-width & larger . . .

Northern Jacana Juvenile

Northern Jacana Adult

Purple Gallinule

For my other photos of these two birds in Costa Rica, see:

And to read about them and see a locations map:

And for those readers in the states, this is the same Purple Gallinule that I used to photograph in the Everglades National Park, but the Jacana was a different species there with this particular one found only in Central America including Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.

¡Pura Vida!

And the Tortuguero 2023 Trip Gallery is ready!

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