Part of the Tree?

There’s one bird in the tropics that disguises himself as a bump, knot, limb or branch of a tree to avoid predators. And here’s a couple of shots in different light of a Common Potoo that was seen on one of our trips into the rainforest at Tortuguero.

Common Potoo, Tortuguero NP, Limón, Costa Rica
Common Potoo, Tortuguero NP, Limón, Costa Rica

To see other of my photos of this bird, some with the faces showing, go to CR Common Potoo GALLERY. I think they are related to the Nighthawks, Nightjars and Whip-poor-wills (at least they look similar and are grouped together in the bird books).   🙂   Read more on eBird. They are found only in Central and South America.

¡Pura Vida!

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