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    1. Thank you so much for that encouragement A.J.! I’m so glad you like it! And believe me, I enjoy doing both the blog and the other pages of the website and especially being immersed in nature here in Costa Rica. Today I did my 2-waterfalls trip and will tell about it the next few days. Have a great day!

  1. Charlie , I have never officially met you but I have friends who have like Pat Walzel and others. I really enjoy learning from you and my husband, Trey,does too. I wonder if you ever lead hikes or trips. We would be very interested. Maybe we could meet you for coffee one day.

    1. Crissy,

      Thanks for the compliment! My trips and blog posts are simply my way of enjoying retirement in Costa Rica. Nature is everywhere here!

      I don’t officially lead trips but have gone with others on occasion, meeting for coffee some morning is a good idea and we can discuss possibilities related to your interests.

      You name your favorite coffee shop and suggest a time and I will be there or negotiate a time that I can. I love to talk about Costa Rica! 🙂 If you don’t go out for coffee, some possibilities are Crema y Nata, the little sidewalk coffee shop at Central Park on corner by church and courthouse (can’t remember name), Park Place Restaurant by Banco Nacional across from Central Park, Tío Mano by Gallo, or any of the Sodas in the Central Market.

  2. I spent thirteen years as an ex-pat, Charlie. I’m in awe of your photography. Thanks for keeping it going.

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with throat cancer. I’ll see the doctor about treatment (if any) on Feb 3rd. Do you have any suggestions based on your experience? It looks like Radiation. I won’t endure chemotherapy based on my late wife’s final years. At the time, she had two teenage sons still at home and tried to live as long as possible but gave up in the end. My sons are now 33 and 30. I’m not so important in their lives now. I don’t want to go through what Laura endured.

    1. I’m always hesitant to make any recommendations, because what worked for me may not be the best for you, but I will share my experience and you can check out my oncology surgeon if you like.

      My dermatologist in Alajuela found the tumor in my left cheek which had enveloped my Corotid Gland (salivary gland) and left facial nerve. He told me that the best oncology surgeon in Costa Rica for head and neck surgery is Christian Hernández at Hospital La Católica. He is wonderful! And did an excellent job on the surgery and then strongly recommended the radiation treatment which was the more difficult part of the two. 🙂

      Because there was a long wait for free radiation at Hospital México, I chose the only other option here of private treatment at Siglo XXI Radioterapia in San Jose and used the nearby Best Western Hotel for some overnights there. I also highly recommend them. And my Medismart card gave me a 50% discount.

      If you already have an oncologist, then surely he/she has some recommendation for what you should do. Just know that I was exceptionally pleased with Dr. Hernández & Siglo XXI.

      Good luck and keep me posted on what you do. My email is cdoggett@charliedoggett.net or call 8411-9916.

  3. Thanks, Charlie. I understand. My son is flying from Denver to go to the appointment with me. As always, we’ll make the decision together.

    I have insurance. The cost will not be a problem. It was definitely a deciding factor for Laura.

    My best to you.


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