Nest-building Dove

White-winged Dove, Atenas, Costa Rica

The books say that the male chooses the neighborhood and the female chooses the tree and does most of the building with sticks, so I’m guessing this is the female (they look alike). This one is building in the crotch of a small ornamental palm tree which I hope will be secure during the Jan-Feb winds. Below are 4 photos of this most common and widespread dove in Costa Rica, found from the southern half of the states down through Panama. This one is building a nest in my garden in Roca Verde, Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

My White-winged Dove Gallery

¡Pura Vida!

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    1. Thanks Steve! It is probably a different one since these White-winged Doves are all over Roca Verde, the most frequently seen of the doves. But we also have quite a few Inca Doves. And the one called a Mourning Dove I have not seen here, but there could be some. Afraid I do not know the differences in their calls or “coo coos.” 🙂 They are all fascinating! And there is some night bird singing outside my window right now and I have no idea what it is.

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