Berdelle & Michael Visit

Michael King & Berdelle Campbell at Breakfast this morning
Vista Atenas B&B, Atenas Costa Rica

A flight cancellation and great delay got them into Costa Rica after dark and cancelled our original plans of lunch on their arrival day. So Michael King (Monell’s Restaurant) and Burdelle Campbell (My former Germantown neighbor) came back from their stay in Uvita (With Craig & Marcia Jervis of Mad Platter Restaurant) a day before their flights to stop and visit with me. And they got to see their only Costa Rica monkey right here on the Hacienda La Jacaranda property, our new Mantled Howler Monkeys. We had lunch at El Balcon del Cafe and I showed Berdelle around Atenas & my apartment while Michael worked. We then had dinner at La Trocha del Boyero. Because I could not give two of them much room or privacy in my apartment, I arranged rooms for them at Vista Atenas B&B.

They stayed at Vista Atenas B&B with this nice view of Atenas Valley
Berdelle Campbell in Central Park Atenas
A bouquet of flowers Berdelle brought me
from Craig & Marsha’s yard in Uvita,
just a few typical Costa Rica flowers
sitting on my breakfast bar!  🙂
The Photo Gallery of their visit

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