Saw Güilas movie again today

Boy in another story “Amor de Temporada” – Fun!

 I went back to Alajuela today (Friday) to see the movie Güilas a second time. It is soooooo good! It is fabulous art and photography! It is seven stories about kids, one in each of the seven provinces of Costa Rica making it almost a travelogue movie and it is very entertaining, very funny, and very delightful as all kids are! My favorite movie of the year already!

And for those here in Costa Rica, I have decided that my favorite of the seven is “Cabin in the Watta,” a delightful story of a boy and girl in the Caribbean of Costa Rica at Puerto Viejo going fishing and bringing their catch back to Mama who runs a little Soda (small restaurant) where they help cook the fish and little plantain cakes and then share it with an old man  who then plays his banjo and sings the rhythmic caribbean song Cabin in the Watta. Plus it has the best nature photography!
If you haven’t already, see the Güilas trailer, you will like!
And unfortunately good films like Güilas are not filling the theaters and are getting pushed out by all the violence and superhero films from America like Avengers starting next week or soon and today was the first day of the newest Star Wars movie. I tried doing a selfie in front of the theater promotional display, then a friendly Tico offered to take my picture which was better. Not sure if I will see this movie, but a fun photo: 
Old Charlie Doggett with the Young Han Solo & Chewy!
Cinemark City Mall, Alajuela, Costa Rica

“Nature As Art” Business Card

I still have my “Enjoying Retirement” business cards but these are for a select few wanting photos:

Okay, I’m not resurrecting my old photography business in the full sense, but a few persons have asked about getting my photos, so using what is already online, my photos are available for order through three websites I already use. Those sites produce the items and make the money with a small % to me. 
  1. For Wall Art the Smugmug Shop has good options (click “BUY” at bottom of enlarged photo) and my new favorite is the wall art photo printed on metal in the glossy format. I’ve ordered several for my house walls here in Costa Rica – birds of course!  🙂  There are several other items available with any of my photos printed on them under the headings of “Keepsakes” and “Phone Cases” and the best part is there are more photos to choose from on my Smugmug gallery!
  2. The Cafe Press shop was set up years ago with Tennessee + USA photos you can still order if you like and one old Costa Rica Birds Calendar. I am slowly adding new Costa Rica photos here and items not available on my newer Smugmug Shop like T-shirts and calendars.   See the direct link to Costa Rica Birds T-Shirts below. I plan to add some new bird calendars soon, then other items. Slowly! I’m retired!  🙂
  3. My Bookstore is another animal!  I mainly make the photo books for my own personal enjoyment and a way to show some of my photos to other people here locally. One of each is available to see in my Living Room. And all are available for purchase and include more than just reports on trips. I have even put a lifetime of scrapbooks together photographically in a 4-volume biography set of books for family history buffs. And yeah, there may be a fifth volume eventually about my retirement in Costa Rica.  🙂

The business cards were recently ordered and will be used locally when someone here asks about buying my photos. But you guys in the states have the same access to internet orders with less expensive shipping and no import tax, so maybe they are a better deal for you!  🙂   Enjoy!
Nature As Art
Costa Rica Style

Though I have this wall too full (cluttered), here are examples of both metal and canvas wall art photos.
Atenas, Costa Rica


Costa Rica Birds on T-Shirts   (CLICK title to see all 30+ choices)   
Squirrel Cuckoo Men’s  Classic T-Shirt

If you like birds and like having them on T-Shirts, here’s 30+ choices of birds you can wear on a very high quality T-Shirt from my store. (More to be added) In another section of that store you can find more birds on T-Shirts that I photographed earlier in various places in the United States including the Florida Everglades & Nashville Zoo. And also other products like calendars, coffee mugs or canvas tote bags. Fun!

Sunbittern Women’s Classic T-Shirt

Wear Nature!


Interesting news article and video:  Amazing Encounter of Tourists with Baby Humpback Whale
¡Pura Vida!
Retired in Costa Rica

2017 Photo-A-Month & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wow! It was hard picking only one from each month! So many favorites! Missed some greats! I tried for a balance of birds, flowers & people – 4 each. Review my year in photos & know it was even better than this! Just a sample of being retired in Charlie Doggett’s COSTA RICA!

January 2017
My garden was a constant joy!
 Blue Plumbago contrasted against a Heliconia

February 2017
Two nights in San Jose was a fun and different trip for me.

March 2017
The birds in my garden continue to amaze!
Lineated Woodpecker

April 2017
The bird sculpture by my former neighbor Anthony Jeroski will
always be a special garden memory of him. He died in July in states. 

May 2017
One of my guides at Drake Bay, Carlos, with baby boa.
Everywhere I go great guides make the trip memorable!

June 2017
My gardners on break at my house, a tradition we have.
 I love my gardners and my garden! 

July 2017
At Rancho Naturalista I finally get a photo of a Sunbittern!
This is a rare bird and rare photo that I’m proud of.

August 2017 
Butterflies are second only to birds for me and I saw a few this year.
Most, like this one, in my garden of course!
A Heliconius Hecale Zuleika.

September 2017
This Squirrel Cuckoo was on edge of my terrace for a favorite
photo at home or maybe my “Photo of the Year”
or at least tied with the Sunbittern.  🙂

October 2017
My high school “after school club” for Conversational English
was my most rewarding activity of the year! Fun & hard work!

November 2017
This Triquitraque is one of the smallest and favorite flowers in my garden.

December 2017
Everything about my Christmas trip to Tambor Bay
was super good, but this photo of a King Vulture
is the big prize! Another rare find & photo!

Go climb a hill! 


BROWSING My Photo Gallery

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Cuban Swan Lake Ballet, San Jose
My Visitors from the States
My 75th Birthday Party
My 76th Birthday Party (Let’s wait until 80th now!)
Photos of Me

2017-Dec-3–InterNations at Zooave
2017-Nov-14–Atenas Expats Tour San Jose
2017-Nov-6-10–Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Resort
2017-Sept-Oct–Three Day Trips Nearby
2017-Sept-4-8–Caribe Banana Azul, Puerto Viejo
2017-July-29–Tarcoles River Day Trip
2017-July-3-7–Rancho Naturalista, Turrialba
2017-May-1-6–Drake Bay & Corcovado
2017-April-22–Camino de Costa rica Day Hike
2017-April-13–Tarcoles River Day Trip
2017-March-18-22–Tenorio Park & Celeste Mtn. Lodge
2017-Feb-16-18–San Jose City Visit
2016-Dec-23-27–Sarapiqui Selva Verde Lodge
2016-Dec-16-Tarcoles River Day Trip
2016-Sept-15-20–Manzanillo Tent Hotel
2016-Aug-21-24–Flamingo Beach & Palo Verde Park
2016-Jun-28-30–Western Nicaragua
2016-May-22-23–Carara Park & Cerro Lodge
2016-May-20-22–Campesinos near Quepos
2016-Mar-22-30–Nicaragua Bird Tour
2016-Feb-14–Toledo Coffee Farm Tour
2016-Feb-12–Atenas Railroad Museum
2016-Feb-11–La Paz Waterfall Gardens
2016-Jan-27-30–Healthcare Tour & San Ramon Visit
2015-Dec-30–Visa Run to Nicaragua Border
2015-Dec-6-9–Rancho Naturalista, Turrialba
2015-Oct-8–Visa Run to Penas Blanca, Nicaragua
2015-Sept-25-27–San Gerardo de Dota
2015-Sept-23-25–Chirripo & Cloudbridge
2015-Aug-21-24–Bribri Yorkin Reserve, Caribe
2015-Aug-20-21–Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
2015-Jul-29-Aug-1–Tarcoles & Carara
2015-Jul-8–Visa Run to Nicaragua border
2015-Mar-29+–Five CR Towns Visited w/ Kevin
2015-Mar-25-27–Manuel Antonio Park
2015-Mar-25–Tarcoles River 
2015-Mar-23–Poas & La Paz Waterfalls Garden
2015-Mar-22–Toledo Coffee Farm Tour
2015-Mar-15–Visa Run to Nicaragua
2015-Feb-28–Tope de Mercedes
2015- Feb-19–Tarcoles River Day Trip
+10 Latin American Trips BEFORE moving to Costa Rica

A gallery of 22 Haiku Poems, each on one of my photos, 3 en español


Sorry but I ran out of time linking every gallery title, but I hope you will explore my photo galleries and realize that the TRIPS gallery is almost like a photo diary of my trips and is where you get a chronological report of what I do in my retirement in Costa Rica. Enjoy!  

Color Coordination ? Sun Protection ?

I like, thus my collections of caps and sunglasses for walking.
I almost never go out without a cap.
Here’s my collection!

Similarly I never go out without sunglasses.
 And my collection of those,
A green T-shirt just needs a green cap and sunglasses!
Common sense, huh? 
  🙂   Fun!  ¡Divertido!

And cheap (borato) sunglasses are plentiful here! 
Some less than $2  –  las gafas de sol

While most caps, la gorras, are more expensive (más caro)!
¡Pura Vida!

Walkabout Apparel

Cap & Sunglasses 
 I wear every day when I walk to town.
 Here on a table in Soda while I drink coffee.
 Atenas, Costa Rica 

And you might be interested that I have caps and sunglasses of many colors to go with my many colors of T-shirts!  🙂  I’m a fashionista gringo! ¡Soy un gringo consciente de la moda!

Why did I move to Costa Rica?

Nearly three years ago I started this blog to publicly discuss and seek guidance in what I then called my “Costa Rica Decision Process.” I just went back and read one of those early posts that really sums up my 16 reasons for leaving the U.S. and choosing Costa Rica for retirement written on June 28, 2014:

Click the above title and read the reasons I listed three years ago and you have my answer for today! Oh sure, I could add some things I’ve learned since that make it even better and some things that are more negative than in that list, but overall it sums up pretty well why I came and why I stay. And the list is totally mine, not from some website on retiring in Costa Rica. And yes, I’m really glad I did it! No regrets and I expect to stay here the rest of my life.

A few readers of this blog have written with specific questions and contact me when they come here to check it out. I am happy to help! Nothing in it for me. I’m retired and not selling services. 🙂

Now, I have wondered at what point we get too many Americans, Canadians and Europeans here!? There are a few “Ugly Americans” (Remember the 1960’s book?) already here and they are the ones constantly complaining about something that is not right here in their eyes. When an earlier neighbor was complaining about the relaxed atmosphere and infrastructure and said, “You know how these people are!” I thought to myself, “You need to go back to the states.” In three months he did. This culture and atmosphere is not for everyone! So check it out thoroughly for a good while before you decide to move here! But be sure that many of us love it here!

And for more reasons, just go back and read all the entries in this blog or see my Costa Rica Photo Gallery that I call:  Charlie Doggett’s COSTA RICA  and you will visually see why I love it here!

Farewell Aguila & Links to Articles About Me :-)

About noon I take boat from here to “wet landing” (barefoot through surf)
in the little village of Drake Bay. Then a taxi with a Canadian family who
were in another hotel, going to the Drake Bay Airport (photos below).
Then less than an hour flight to San Jose Airport in Alajuela and my personal
 taxi prescheduled to take me home where I ordered pizza delivered, started
laundry and a few other chores before collapsing! 
Drake Bay Airport Terminal, Ticket Office & Gift Shop
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Bording Gate, complete with attendant & fire extinguisher!
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Drake Bay Airport
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

The Thrill of the Cockpit
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Goodbye Drake Bay, a bay off the Pacific Ocean at Corcovado Park
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Crossing the Mountains to San Jose in 45 minutes! (All day on bus)
Talamanca Mountains, Costa Rica

Main Terminal, San Jose Airport – But Sansa has its own little terminal.
Alajuela, Costa Rica

My TRIPS Photo Gallery on this Drake Bay Trip



Enchanting Costa Rica, a tourism promotion website
And a reprint of the same article on a real estate website:
Atenas Real Estate for Pure Life Development