Poanes monticola?

Not Spanish, but the technical name for the new butterfly or skipper I discovered today in my garden with the book’s common name of “Evergreen Poan” as closest match in A Swift Guide to Butterflies of Mexico and Central America.

Below are my photos from a walk in the garden this morning and here are some websites that tell you more about this particular species and they say it is only in Mexico, but I think it may be the same or a close cousin!   🙂   And the only ones I find with the “frosting” on the wings are this and a Zebulon which is not as good a match. Mine seems to have longer antennae than the ones on these sites, but otherwise almost the same:     –   Naturalista    –   iNaturlist   –   Wikipedia (Poanes in general)   –   enciclovida   – Not much info out there with most of these sites using the same info and photos!  Hmmmm.  If you think you know the identification, please let me know!

My New Skipper-Butterfly

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¡Pura Vida!