Mangrove Visit Today

Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Mangroves off Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Today’s boat trip was one of the best with Carlos leading and we seeing more animals and birds than seen in the National Park! I am physically exhausted and a tiny bit sunburned from a clear, sunny morning, but tomorrow I rest with only a little bird walk before breakfast and maybe some more exploring on my on. Then Saturday afternoon I return home. Its been a very good week! Great staff at Aguila Inn! It is kind of nice to be pampered a little every once in a while which so many of these lodges in Costa Rica do!

About the photo: Because his is juvenile, he does not have his “yellow crown” which may make you question if he is. He was standing straight which was okay, but then did this one-leg thing with his wing out that I thought made a more interesting photo. And yes, the heliconia flower is growing wild in this particular mangrove forest. Another cool place! And all my photos had to be made on my phone today because the good camera is not working. I have it in a bag of uncooked rice hoping it is just the humidity. Very humid on the coast! And mechanical things can be a pain sometimes!

¡Buenos noches!

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Website of the Hotel Aguila de Osa

Scenery Shots from Juan Venado Refuge

The Island of Venado is a strip of land running close to the mainland near Leon.
Much of the island and the channel of water between it and mainland is
Mangrove Forests which is good for birds, other nature, crabs, fishing, etc.
We got our boat in this little bay.

When you pay for a private float trip you get to sit in the front of the boat!
🙂   Here near end of trip we approach the rookery or nursery in earlier post.

Even when working, young people have fun on the water!

This is one of the government nature reserves.
I think there may be more private reserves than public right now.

It is currently legal for locals to collect firewood in the reserve as long as
it is already dead wood. In Nicaragua most people still cook on wood fires.

Non-commercial Fishing is allowed in the reserve.

and “Nature Tourism” is growing here!

My guide Freddy had new hiking shoes he did not
want to get wet, so boatman carries him across stream.
I got my old shoes wet – no big deal anymore!  🙂
And why didn’t he take them off and go barefoot?
Good question! The boatman is barefoot!

Where we got our boat was a little “Comedor” which is the same as a
“Soda” in Costa Rica, a small Mom & Pop restaurant for cheap local food.
We did not eat here but got sandwiches at a little local bakery.  

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And remember that both my trips to Nicaragua were provided by Tours Nicaragua!  Check out what they offer! I’m happy with them!