Nicaragua: The Book

Of course with all those photos, I had to make a book! It is mostly birds but includes culture photos of Granada, people, Semana Santa, and interesting roadside shots across the country. You can click on the image above and electronically thumb through the book for free. No purchase required!  🙂

Parrots & Parakeets in Nicaragua

All are too high or far away for my camera to get a good photo, but here they are:

Orange-fronted Parakeets
Montibelli Nature Reserve, Nicaragua

Pacific Parakeets, Chocoyero-El Brujo Natural Reserve
Ticuantepe, Nicaragua
Hundreds of parakeets fly in every evening to nest in the holes in a high rock wall.

White-fronted Parrot
El Jaguar Nature Reserve, Nicaragua

White-crowned Parrot
El Jaguar Nature Reserve, Nicaragua
He was actually greener than this shows.
Late afternoon light/shadows do funny things in photos. 

About Parrots on Wikipedia

And since the Pacific Parakeet was a new one for me. I read this paragraph on Wikipedia and learned that El Chocoyero is the only place any of them live now, so a rare parakeet also called Nicaraguan green conure. Wow! I live close to a lot of cool places! And really glad I spent a week in Nicaragua not only because I got photos of about 85 species of birds but I love the place now!