Xandari Room – Art Gallery in Nature

My room at Xandari Resort Costa Rica is like an art gallery sitting in a garden or surrounded by nature. Here’ two slideshows to explain; first is views of each part of my room or rooms – more like an efficiency apartment. Second is a slide of each piece of art placed somewhere in my room or rooms, including three outdoors.

The original owners or developers of Xandari were an architect and his artist wife. They included an art studio here where students came and created the art that is all over the property including each villa or room. Later I will show some of the art that is outside in the gardens around the buildings. It is one of the most unique places I have ever been and a lot of birds too!  🙂


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To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.

~Henry David Thoreau


¡Pura Vida!

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Xandari costa rica   (their website)

Pre-Columbian Art Retrieved

See the amazing artifacts retrieved from illegal collector in Venezuela
in this Tico Times article (one of their photos)
San Jose, Costa Rica

I imagine all the items will be on display here in time
The National Museum of Costa Rica  (my photo)
San Jose, Costa Rica

More and more around the world it seems that archaeological treasures are being returned to their nations of origin which is a big correction of colonial and money/power robberies of past history and arrogant countries. These artifacts of Costa Rican history belong here for the Tico children to learn from and not in a rich man’s private collection in Venezuela or any other country. Thanks to the UN and international laws for helping this important correction to be made. Occasionally there is justice!

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Hotel Don Carlos, San Jose

A boutique hotel in an old house featuring the owner’s grand art collection:

Front Entrance to
 Hotel Don Carlos
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

Tile Paintings of Farm Life on outside walls
 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

A tile painting depicting farm life on outside walls
 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

Don Quixote Tiles Next Door
 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

Private House Next Door to
 Hotel Don Carlos 
 San Jose, Costa Rica 

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I did not intend to post 3 articles on one day! But here they are and now I’m finished with all my posts on two trips, Villa Blanca and San Jose. Back to the boring daily stuff!  🙂

New Art in the Park!

New at one end of the skateboard ramp in Sports Park
I don’t know the new cartoon characters, so this one unknown!
It seems to be a good fit with the Primary School across the street.

New Graffiti Art in Sports Park

I watched teenagers painting on it one day and a week later it was done!
Parque deportivo (Sports Park)
Atenas, Costa Rica

I think it is an amazing work of art! Thanks to the youth of Atenas!
And a little closer! Both are cell phone photos, as most of my photos from walks in town.
Atenas, Costa Rica

I assume that maybe art classes in one of the two public high schools is doing all of these quality murals around town. This particular park is a hangout for kids of all ages, so very appropriate here!

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,

and paints his own nature into his pictures. 

~Henry Ward Beecher

Arbolitos de Pajaros

My “Little Christmas Tree” or Arbolitos de Navidad is actually a “Little Tree of Birds” or Arbolitos de Pajaros.  Here is a so-so cell-phone photo of the tree now that I have received the additional bird ornaments I ordered from Guatemala and Peru. I earlier showed you 4 of the ornaments I got here in Costa Rica and called them Animales Fantasticos. Click to see them again. Today I will show some of the ornaments made of gourds from both Guatemala and Peru. More close-ups later.

Why did you doubt?

When in Alajuela Wednesday we walked through the Alajuela Cathedral at Central Park.
I am always struct by the ceiling art! There is beauty and love and gospel everywhere!
And my faith is strengthened!

31 Immediately Jesus reached out His hand, caught hold of him, and said to him,“You of little faith, why did you doubt?”    Matthew 14:31 HCSB

Managua, Nicaragua

Between airport and downtown, a patriotic billboard and the electric trees.


A closer shot of another presidential sign.
Reminded me of similar signs in Havana
with Castro telling how good it is!


The different colored art trees are lit up at night. First Lady’s idea I was told.


My Nature Air plane this time had a frog on it! Easy 55 minute flight.


The international passengers entrance to the Managua Airport. Nice & modern!

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And remember that both my trips to Nicaragua were provided by Tours Nicaragua!  Check out what they offer! I’m very happy with them!

And that is all the photos I’m going to share from my 2 night trip to Nicaragua June 28-30.

New Graffiti on Skateboard Ramp

In the city recreation park in front of Central School Elementary is all kinds of recreation from soccer to volleyball that I’ve shown before. Well, the skateboard ramp just got a fresh coat of paint in the form of some new graffiti or public art that should please the skateboarders! Tuanis! Mae!  (Cool! Dude!)

Shot with my cell phone and cropped a little in the computer. I shared some graffiti a year ago that was not as interesting and the more distant shot of skateboard ramp is particularly less vivid! Most of the other graffiti shot last year is about the same with 2 or 3 small new additions on walls. 

Art Exhibit Opening: Encuentro de Cultusas

One of my favorite paintings!
Sorry! I did not get the country names for any of photos.

Because of an artist from Atenas in the show, a group of Atenas expats got to attend the Grand Opening of an Art Exhibition titled Encuentro de Cultusas (The Meeting of Cultures) with art from 18 different Latin American countries and all their ambassadors there plus other ambassadors including the U.S. and Costa Rican government officials and the art leaders. We were able to crash this party of dignitaries because of the local artist/photographer who got us in. It was wonderful! One of the best art shows I have ever seen. And the Children’s Museum location in an old fort/prison is simply cool!

And the other cool thing was that each country had hors d’oeuvres and drinks typical of each of the 18 countries. Some were really delicious! And all photos made on my Samsung cell phone!  🙂

The Costa Rica Children’s Museum (was a prison in early years)
The Entrance Hall
Some of the photography of  John Dessarzin of Atenas who got us in the show.

Someone’s Political Cartoon that includes Donald Trump.

Some traditional & cultural photography.

Plus lots of traditional paintings of culture and local people.

And even some Dominican Voodoo art.
I was amused that all these pretty girls wanted their picture made with
this artist who seems uninterested or bored. Oh well!
“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way 
— things I had no words for.” 
– Georgia O’Keeffe