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For years I have been using different versions of the Canon Rebel SLR Digital camera for most of my work. It replaced my earlier Canon 10D which was my first SLR Digital camera. I love both of them and have become brand-loyal to Canon. I used to also keep a little pocket camera with me most of the time. Most didn't last long for various reasons. I'm currently using my Samsung cell phone for casual shots and when out walking. I recently got a close-up or macro lens, but honestly don't use in much, just mainly my 75-300 cheap Canon lens for birds and other distant subjects. 

In the 1990's I got a Canon Rebel G film camera which was what I used during my three years in The Gambia. And I guess that was when I became sold on Canon. It was easy to use and made quality photos. I did better when shooting slides over print film, but in Gambia only print film could be processed and mailorder was undependable there. Thus I shot print film and don't have good digital copies of them for much practical use now. Most of my Gambia prints I make today are from poor scans of either the negative or a print on my HP Scanner. I wish I could afford to pay someone to make high-quality scans of thoses thousands of Gambia negatives! Oh well . . .


What processing I do is now in Photoshop Elements v.8. I started off with the first Elements program then went to full Photoshop which kept upgrading too often at too high a cost. So I returned to Elements and they are doing the same thing and now talking about an annual membership required. So I may end up checking out Corel Draw or something else if Adobe keeps pricing me out. 


I used to print all of my images up to 13x19 on an Epson Stylus PHOTO R2400. It replace my earlier 2200 printer, both of which do superb jobs of printing with 100+ years color-fastness guaranteed says Epson. I was quite pleased and only used commercial printers for larger than 13x19 prints. For that I prefered Chromatics Nashville. I also used Dury's Nashville which is also a good printer. Because canvas prints are so expensive at Chromatics, I tried one mail-order company for one canvas print and was quite pleased. Now that I'm in Costa Rica without a good photo printer, I mainly see my work in the photo books I make and on my walls with the metal prints from 

When selling I made greeting cards with mats from Photographer's Edge and had hundreds left which I gave away! :-) !

And then I let print my photos on various products for a small commission. Plus someone may order a print from SmugMug, but not holding my breath!


“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful – an endless prospect of magic and wonder.”   -Ansel Adams